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Basic wheel throwing techniques (15hrs)

This introductory course is for people who want to learn the basic techniques of wheel thrown-ceramics, who dont have any previous experience or who want to revisit all their throwing techniques from the beginning. Focusing on the integration of the techniques of clay kneading, centering, pulling and trimming, its main objective is the creation of small hand thrown pieces such as bowls, cups and small vases. 

Session 1 

-  Welcome and meeting of the participants 

-  Visit and presentation of Atelier Galerie d’art Solart

- Overview of the origin and definition of the art of ceramic.

- Overview of the different types of clay and their respective properties.

- Overview of the different techniques of forming clay.

- Presentation of the working areas necessary for clay throwing and handbuilding.

- Identification and functions of the tools of a basic throwing kit.

- Demonstration of spiral kneading.

- Demonstration of the correct basic body positionb at the wheel.

- Demonstration of the centering of a clay lump on the wheel.

- Assisted practice of the basic exercises mentioned above.

Session 2  


- Assisted kneading of clay balls to throw.

- Assisted practice of clay centering on the weel.

- Demonstration of the opening.

- Demonstration of the first clay lift.

- Demonstration of the first and second lifting of the clay.

- Demonstration of the final clay lift.

- Assisted practice of the basic techniques mentioned above.



Session 3 


- Exploration of the different consistencies and properties of the clay through  its drying and firing cycles.

- Overview of drying techniques and spaces required.

- Revision of basic clay throwing techniques.

- Demonstration of throwing of a cup.

- Assisted practice of throwing a cup.

- Demonstration of throwing of a bowl.

- Assisted practice of throwing a bowl.


Session 4  

- Demonstration of the technique of trimming a foot on a thrown piece on the wheel.

- Assisted practice of trimming a piece on the wheel.

- Demonstration of shaping of handles.

- Assisted shaping and attaching of a handle on a cup.

- Overview of basic exercises to practice and improve throwing techniques.

- Decoration technique on raw clay.

- Overview of Additional technical questions and artistic explorations depending on your interest.


Detailed registration fees:

Number of sessions of 2h30 required in total : 6 sessions 

L’Atelier Galerie d’art Solart offers an individual personalized coaching service available under the form of 2h30 individual sessions.

The coaching hourly rates for the mentoring service is $ 45 / hr. We invite you to consult  and reserve the periods offered that correspond to your availability listed in the individual coaching  section.

You can either schedule an intensive formation composed of 8 sessions taking place on a short period of time or schedule a formation compose of 8 sessions occurring over a long period and reserve it in several time to  to respect your personal availibity budget and learning rythme. 

Consult the modalities and fees applicable to the individual coaching service and schedule a private session.

Atelier Galerie d'art Solart offer access periods to its creative spaces and its specialized equipments  to its students to allow them to perfect their techniques and explore new avenues.

Consult the modalities and fees applicables the access period offered. 

Raw materials upon request : 1 22lb bag of clay

Consult the list of the raw materials available at l'Atelier Galerie d'art Solart.

Firing service upon request :1/2 half a shelf bisque firing

L'Atelier Solart offers a firing service upon reservation. Rates include electricity costs, firing of your pieces, firing attending, loading and unloading of your pieces in the kiln and maintenance of respective equipments and kilns furniitures. To ensure the compatibility of clays  and the firing temperatures, we require that students, who wish to reserve the firing service, purchase their clay and glazes at the Atelier Solart. Consult the modalities and fees applicable to our firing service.   

 The Regional Councils of Culture, Emploi Québec and the provincial and national arts councils offer programs to support training and development for artists and businesses. We invite you to contact them to verify your eligibility for financial assistance and to know their respective modalities regarding their contribution applicable to the payment of your registration for our professional training.

Coordonnatrice à la formation continue :
Catherine Paquet
819 595-2601, poste 224
sans frais : 1 855 595-2601